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There are five steps to becoming a licenced Real Estate Associate in Alberta.  We are here to help you navigate them!

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If you are not planning on completing the eligibility application required by RECA no problem! You can still access and complete your training with Rise but you will not receive your pre-licencing completion certificate.

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Five Steps To Becoming A Realtor In Alberta


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You must start with The Fundamentals of Real Estate course. From there you can choose to pursue Residential, Commercial, Rural, Property Management or become a Broker. Buy a bundle and save today! 

Take the Fundamentals of Real Estate Course. This is the first course everyone takes on their road to becoming a realtor. Not sure where to begin? Start here!
Once you’ve completed the Fundamentals of Real Estate course, you chose which practice area(s) you wish to pursue. You can take one course, such as Residental or you can take them all if you wish to become a Broker. 

Pre-Licencing FAQ’s

If I am licenced in a different province and want to become licenced in Alberta, do I need to take this training?

No. If you hold a Real Estate Licence in any other province, the pre-education requirement is waived. Proceed to step 2 – register with RECA. Note: licencees in some USA jurisdictions also have pre-education training requirements waived. See RECA for a complete list.

I am licenced in a different province but want to become licenced in a new area of practice. Do I need to re-take the Fundamentals of Real Estate?

Please contact Registration Services at for detailed information.

If I do not meet the eligibility criteria, can I still take the course?

Yes, anyone may purchase and complete the course. You will not receive a completion certificate without providing a RECA ID.

If I don’t understand, how do I get help?

There are some aftermarket tutors that can help you. Some tutors are approved by RECA and agree to follow RECA’s Education Code of Conduct for Learners. You can get a list of them after you set up your MyRECA ID.

What is the Real Estate’s Associate Program or REAP?

The training offered by Rise including the Fundamentals of Real Estate and the training classes for each of the four areas of practice also referred to as REAP or Pre-Licencing Education.

What is the Pre-Licencing Education?

The training offered by Rise including the Fundamentals of Real Estate and the training classes for each of the four areas of practice also referred to as Pre-Licencing Education or REAP (Real Estate’s Associate Program).

How long do I have to complete the course?

Students have one year to complete the course.

What if the course expires before I finish it?

Courses expire 12 (twelve) months from the original date of purchase. For those courses that expire 12 (twelve) months after the date of purchase, the student will be granted an automatic 1 (one) month extension at no charge and such 1 (one) month free extension will be applied immediately after the initial 12 (twelve) month term.

Extensions or reactivations cannot be granted beyond 13 (thirteen) months from the original date of purchase of the course since in all events, the course expires 13 (thirteen) months from the original date of purchase.

What if I don’t like the course?


Rise offers a Money Back Guarantee. Rise Real Estate Academy is committed to student satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, Rise will refund the purchase price of any course if the refund request is submitted within 10 days of purchase, prior to course expiration and the course is not completed beyond Module Two. A $300 administration fee will be deducted from the refund.

Rise does not offer price adjustments on previously purchased items.  

How long does it take to become a real estate associate broker or broker?

It takes a minimum of two years but likely longer. You have to complete all the education (6 courses in total), all the related exams, have two years of experience as a licenced professional within the last five years.

Can I complete the Practice Area Courses before I complete the Fundamentals?

This is not recommended. The Fundamentals of Real Estate course is RECA’s first required pre licensing training course and sets you up for success in the other courses. RECA will not allow you to take the exam for the Areas of Practice without first completing the Fundamentals of Real Estate Training Course and passing the associated exam.

Can I take the Rise Academy Course if I have completed the Fundamentals Course or other pre-requisite courses with another Recognized Course provider?

Yes. You may complete courses from different providers.


Register With RECA

Confirm your eligibility with RECA. Once confirmed, RECA will give you a RECA ID.

You will need your RECA ID to begin the course. If you are taking the course for information’s sake alone, please contact for more information.

Set up for a myRECA account at (tutorial)
Complete your Eligibility Application and submit through myReca.
Pay the associated fee.

Registration FAQ’s

Why do I need a RECA ID Number?

In order to be eligible to write the exam to obtain a real estate license in the province of Alberta, you must first register with the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

How do I get a RECA ID Number?

1. Set up a myRECA account at

2. Complete your Eligibility Application and submit through myReca

3. Pay the fee.

What are the eligibility requirements to register with RECA?

1. Be at least 18 years old

2. Have a high school diploma or equivalent

3. Demonstrate English proficiency

4. Provide a certified criminal record check

5. Be able to lawfully study and work in Canada

6. Be able to provide specific government issued identification (ID)


Write & Pass Licencing Exams

Each course you take requires you to pass an exam specific to that course. Course exams are administered by RECA, you must book your exams through your account once you’ve finished your course(s).   

Register for an exam at RECA and pass the Fundamentals of Real Estate Exam.
Pass the exam for each of the practice areas in which you have completed training.

Exam FAQ’s

Is there an exam for the course?

Yes.  The course exam is administer by RECA.  You must obtain and provide a RECA ID number in order to complete the course and to register for the course exam.

Can I Take the exam if I haven’t completed the course?

No. The only exception is if you have completed the course in another approved jurisdiction. You must first write the fundamentals exam prior to writing in a practice area or another course provider.

Can I take the practice areas exam(s) before I take the Fundamentals of Real Estate exam?

No. You must first write the fundamentals exam prior to writing in a practice area.

What do I need from Rise before registering to write my exam?

You need your Rise Course Completion Certificate. Rise will require your RECA ID # to issue the certificate.

What is the passing grade for the exam?

RECA sets the passing grade at 70%.

How long does it take to complete the training course?

The course is approximately 75-100 hours based on your rate of learning.

Do I write the exam in person or online?

Exams are available only as an in-person proctored exam.

How do I book my exam?

You must obtain a RECA ID number to complete your exam.  Login to your account at for instructions on how to book your exam.

What if I require a special accommodation for my exam?

If you require special accommodations, you must first be approved by RECA. You must provide RECA with current documentation from a qualified professional explaining in detail the reasons for the accommodation and specific recommendations proving your need for any accommodation. Please email Credentialing Support Services at to find out more about your options Additional resources can be found at MeaZure Learning ProctorU 

How do I schedule, reschedule or cancel my exam?

Contact MeaZure Learning ProctorU here

What do I need to know before I write my exam?

Read RECA’s Exam Guideline for Learners before you write your exam.

How do I get prepared to write the exam?

Click here for a list of tips & support on how to prepare to write your exam.

What does the Online Exam Engine look like?

Check out this video

Where can I write my exam in person?

There are several testing centers across Alberta. Find a list here


Join a Brokerage

All Real Estate Associates regardless of practice areas you are licenced in must work under the supervision of a Real Estate Broker.

Contact a broker in your area and apply to join their team.

Brokerage FAQ’s

How do I join a brokerage?

Find a brokerage you want to work for and apply for employment.

How should I choose a brokerage?

Interview several brokerages and find the one that best suits your needs.  See the attached list of questions provided by RECA to ask when interviewing a broker.


Complete Your Licence & Registration

Once you have joined a brokerage, you have to register with RECA and pay the required fees.

Provide your brokerage your RECA username and ID number.
Your Broker will initiate your application.
Log back in to your myRECA account and complete your application.
Arrange for payment of required fees.

Registration FAQ’s

How do I get licenced?

The Brokerage you are working for will begin the licencing process. You will have to provide them your myRECA username. They will then use their brokage myRECA account to initiate your application. Once this is started, log back in to your myRECA account and fill out the balance of your application. When it is accepted by the broker and your fees are paid you are registered, licenced and may begin work!

How do I know if I am licenced?

Check your licence status in the licence tab of your myRECA account. It should indicate you are authorized and show what sectors are on your licence (for real estate). (tutorial)

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How Does Real Estate

Licencing Work?

It’s Mandatory To Have A Licence To Practice In Alberta

Under Alberta’s Real Estate Act and Real Estate Exemption Regulation, you must hold a real estate licence from the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) to trade in real estate or engage in property management.

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