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How Does Real Estate Licencing Work In Alberta?

It is mandatory to have a license to practice real estate in Alberta. Under Alberta’s Real Estate Act and Real Estate Exemption Regulation, you must hold a Real Estate Licence from the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) to trade in real estate or engage in property management.

There Are 3 Classes Of Licences In Alberta

As a Real Estate Associate, you may become licenced to practice one or more of these four practice areas of real estate: residential, commercial, property management, and rural.

A Real Estate Associate Broker is an individual who has completed the broker training called the REBP (Real Estate Broker Program). The person has passed the related exams and completed the required registration process. Additionally, the person is employed by a Real Estate Brokerage but is not ultimately in charge of the Real Estate Brokerage.

A Real Estate Broker is an individual in charge of a Real Estate Brokerage. A Real Estate Broker must hold a Brokers License and be employed by and registered to a brokerage in order to offer real estate services on behalf of that brokerage. There can only be one Real Estate Broker at a brokerage. 

How to Become Licenced in Real Estate in Alberta

The first step to begin the process for any of the 3 types of real estate licence in Alberta is to take the Fundamentals of Real Estate course. After completing the course, you must past the related exam offered by RECA.

Fundamentals of Real Estate

All careers in Real Estate begin with the Fundamentals

Alberta has 4 Areas of Practice in Real Estate

To become a licenced Real Estate Associate, after you have completed the Fundamentals of Real Estate course and passed the exam, you must complete the course for the practice area in which you wish to become licenced. You may become licenced in one or more of the four practices areas:

Becoming a Broker

To become a Real Estate Associate Broker or Real Estate Broker you must complete the Fundamentals of Real Estate Course, all four practice area courses and then complete the Broker Course.


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